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This is a longer version of the ever popular Viking weave course that will allow you to gain a greater knowledge of this fascinating historical jewellery making technique.

Nearly 1,300 years ago, Vikings used long pieces of silver and gold wire to weave ropes. These woven wire ropes were then stretched and made into jewellery for famous and powerful Viking leaders. This wire weaving is called Viking weave, and was also used as a form of currency.


We will be getting to grips with the basics of Viking weave, from the starting anchor and how to begin weaving onto it, becoming comfortable with the weaving technique, joining on a new piece of wire and how to use the draw plate.


We will be learning how to produce the more elaborate double and triple Viking weave to produce a rich piece of chain.


Finally will be learning how to make the end closures for our Viking weave. Making fastenings and exploring some of the different types of jewellery we can make.

We will be having a lunch break half way through the day. You will need to bring your own lunch for this.

All tools and equipment will be supplied at no extra cost. There will be opportunities to buy or order additional materials, tools and equipment to follow up your skills. 

Tutor Holly Berkley is a well-know artist based in Shepton Mallet, Somerset 

website: https://hollyberkleyjewellery.co.uk