The French Pleat Decoration 

The French Pleat Decoration 


This very distinctive and unusual wedding wire hair accessory is very adaptable and can be used to decorate to many hair styles including French pleats. The design uses 3 rounded flowers in ivory with silver spiral centres ranging from 4 to 4.5 cms in diameter and 9 leaves ranging from 2.5-3.5 cms in length. It has taken 29 meters of wire to hand make this piece, which weighs 46g and is 6cm wide. The design incorporates a loop at each end, which makes it easy to fix into your hair using bobby pins.


This beautiful wedding hair accessory has been sensitively woven to produce a stunning piece of art jewellery that will make you feel like a queen on your special day. Each piece is hand crafted in Somerset to the highest quality to be as lovely and unique as you are.

The design is perfect for a vintage gown, a fairy tale theme or as a counterpoint to a simple elegant gown. Whatever your style the crown will complement and complete your chosen style and be a treasured reminder of your special day.


Each piece of my jewellery is unique and has been handmade in Somerset by Holly Berkley. It has taken me years and hundreds of hours of practice to perfect my skills, working smoothly and rhythmically until I am completely satisfied.

I like to work as ergonomically as possible using the body’s shape to contour my jewellery. Each piece of foliage starts with the shaping of a straight piece of wire into the pattern that is required. This forms a wire frame work which holds all the weaving in place. The space inside the frame is then filled in with fine woven wire which is stretched across the frames to give solid colour to the foliage. The foliage is formed in sections and then fitted together onto a base. It is then sculpted to form the delicate contours which give this series its characteristic appearance. Each piece takes up to 27 hours of weaving by hand without the use of a loom or weaving tool.

I test out samples of my jewellery to make sure that they fit well and comfortably. Because, to me, beauty should be practical too.


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