Beautiful bespoke hair decorations.
Your design. Your budget. Your way.

It’s as easy as 1 2 3!  Just choose the shape, the colour and the design from below and let’s get designing!

I would be delighted to help you design your own personal piece of hair jewellery. There are many options to chose from, so here I have put together some ideas to help you get on your way.

Once you have an idea of what you want just contact me and we’ll go through your options. After which I will come up with a design and quote for you. When we have agreed on the design and date of completion a 50% deposit is payable. Once this has cleared I will order the materials and make your piece for you. When it is finished and you are happy with it the rest of the balance is paid and you get your very own beautiful hair decoration.

1. Shape

This will be the main shape of your hair jewellery. Choose from Full Crowns, Bands, Bun Rings, Pleats or Clips. All these pieces have been tested to make sure that they are comfortable to wear all day without causing headaches or sticking in uncomfortably.

Full Crowns

The Ornate Crown

This is a heavily decorated crown that will sit comfortably on your head while giving a reassuring feeling of quality and luxury.

The Medium Crown

This crown is decorative and while lighter than the ornate crown it still has the elegance and looks well with fresh water pearls or semi precious stones.

The Light Crown

This is a simple circlet with a little more understated decoration. It has small leaves and the colours are picked out with either fresh water pearls or semi precious stones.

Hair Bands

The Full Tiara

This is a heavily decorated tiara that has been wired onto a silver base that is very comfortable to wear.

The Fascinator

Worn over to one side of the head with a simpler decoration.

Large Single Flower

This is an oversized flower for that statement hair style.

Other Styles

The Bun Ring

This is a band with two loops at either end so that it may be pinned around a bun.

The French Pleat

This is a band made with two loops at either end so that it may be pinned along a French pleat or fold.

The Hair Clip

This is a single flower which may also incorporated some leaves set on a small crocodile clip so that it may be clipped into your hair where ever you want it. Fresh water pearls,  semi precious stones or spirals can also be added.

2. Colour

You may want to stick with traditional metals such as 9ct gold, sterling silver, silver or gold plate, copper or bronze. Or choose from a huge variety of colours we stock. You can have more than one shade of petal and have a complementary spiral centre.

3. Design

There are many different shapes of flowers and foliage that you can choose from to create that perfect look. They can also vary in size to give an interesting balanced affect and can also be mixed and matched. All the flowers feature a spiral centre.

The Pointed Flower

This gives a lovely star effect. The basic flower has five petals but can be made with more if required.

The Rounded Flower

This is a lovely rounded flower with smooth edges. The basic flower has five petals but can be made with more if required.

The Bell Shape

This is a snow drop shaped flower with three leaves.