Holly was born in the New Forest, Hampshire, in 1975. Growing up in an area of outstanding natural beauty and also living very close to the south coast, gave Holly an innate appreciation for organic forms and natural aesthetics, which is still apparent in her jewellery today.

Holly began creating jewellery in her early teens and by fifteen she was already selling her jewellery to an enthusiastic base of returning customers.

After leaving school Holly went on to study Art to Degree level.

Being naturally gifted, inquisitive and adventurous Holly has pursued many aspects of the creative arts not only as a craftswoman but also as a successful performer. She has worked extensively in art textiles, designing and creating clothing, bags large and small and also bespoke instrument cases, this then led her into millinery and from there to felt making for both practical and decorative use.

As a performer Holly worked as an accomplished singer and musician. She has recorded an album and had the pleasure of supporting both Robin Williamson (of The Incredible String Band) and also Martin Carthy. As well as this, Holly combined her love of dance to work with her husband as a professional fire dancer and performer.

Throughout her life though, jewellery making has remained a constant and persistent passion and occupation. Holly has an extensive knowledge of semi-precious stones and also contemporary hand produced beads from around the world, which she puts to good use when creating new pieces of jewellery or “wearable works of art” as she likes to describe her creations. Holly has trained in and uses a variety of techniques including: beading, beating, wrapping, Peruvian wire work, weaving and Viking weave.

Holly delights in finding and experimenting with materials for creating her jewellery; such as unusual shells, beach tumbled glass, rare beads, semi-precious stones, fossils and enamelled wire.

In 2011 Holly deepened her knowledge of jewellery making further by training as a silversmith.

In 2013 Holly’s jewellery won 1st Prize at the Mid-Somerset Show.

Holly lives in Somerset with her husband, two children and two cats. She enjoys reading, country walks, eating out ( no cooking or washing up) and a glass of wine at the end of a very long day.